Website Development Process

About Us

We are a small company but that does not mean we lack anything other than large overheads. We keep the costs down so we can keep our rates competitive. We are based in St Albans but have one client in the west cost of Ireland (Galway). The Internet means we can have clients anywhere easily.

Professionally recognised by the British computer Society meaning that we understand the business we are working in and add business value through the use of technology.

Over 14 years experience of working closely with customers, capturing requirements, designing and building efficient solutions that add value.

We use the latest techniques and tools to develop our websites and ensure they are built to the highest level of quality.

Website Development Process

Our approach to working with a new client is to firstly understand their goals and requirements to make sure that technology is the right choice. If a website is the way forward we work through a set of questions to understand your goals and the services you require.  This information is used to guide the possible options and we produce an estimate based on the requirements.

The requirements usually take the form of a list called a product backlog.  Each item usually has an estimate attached. We then follow an incremental process with each stage of the work delivering an agreed set of the items from the list. This approach allows you to see the site develop.  You can change your mind during the process to add or remove items or change their priority.  This approach is a great way to control costs and ensure you don’t let things run away (scope creep).  The IT industry calls this an Agile methodology.

As part of the process we also ensure the new technology fits with your business and how you work.  Having a website is only part of it. For a website to be successful it needs traffic.  You need a way of driving traffic to the site, have the right content to make sure people find the information useful and stay long enough to complete your goal.

Some people might ask “Why use someone else when I can build my own site using an online company?”  It’s true, there are lots of companies offering online tools to help you build websites, but it’s not always true they create the best results.  They are only as good as the people using them.  Remember your site might be the first impression people get of your business.  You don’t want the site to look unprofessional.  Also, learning all the techniques and tools that make a website a success takes time and effort.  Letting an expert show you the way, or even take on some of these responsibilities, frees up your time to concentrate on running your business and the bits you are good at.

Our initial FREE consultation is all it takes to find out how you can benefit from the Internet.  We won’t give you the hard sell; it’s not our style! We will listen to what you have to say.